Membership Class

Principal Member $550.00

  • Owning, developing, managing, leasing, controlling or otherwise involved with real property as listed in Article TWO Section 1, Paragraph (a), located within the boundaries of the service area 

Allied Member $650.00

  • Persons, firms or corporations representing contractors, suppliers, entrepreneurs, manufacturers and such other service organizations and industry groups which have a direct interest is real estate in which members are involved.

Professional Member $650.00

  • Persons representing professional organizations providing services such as Law, Accounting, Architectural, and Engineering engaged by the ownership or management to augment the endeavors of the ownership or management.

Student Member

  • Shall be enrolled in an educational program which is directly related to the mission of the Capital Region BOMA.

Emerging Professional Member

  • Shall be new to the field of Property Management/Ownership within the last 2 years